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How it works.

Sell products to your clients in 3 easy steps!
01 / Sign Up
02 / We Work
03 / You Deliver

Once you sign up for our platform you will be emailed a welcome package. This will ask you to fill out your company's information so we can create your online store with your company details, logo, products, pricing and delivery radius.

During the next 48 hours we create your online store, integrate any 5 products, setup your payment processor & configure your delivery ticket automation. We don't need anything from you in this step so sit tight!

Start receiving orders from new and existing clients within your community. Promote your site through your existing website, email list or social media. Be able to work safely and legally while paying your bills and employees! Payments get deposited into your bank account daily.


Built with landscapers in mind.

All in one.



An online store to sell any 5 products. You let us know what products and what prices and we take care of the rest!


Make it simple for your clients with a built-in yard calculator. Avoid unnecessary calls and allow your clients to determine quantities on their own.


Online credit card processing simplifies your billing process. Our PCI Compliant partner removes all risk and liability and accepts all major credit cards.


Delivery ticket creation is automated and received through email. No need to login or visit a website to get your delivery tickets!


You can start delivering products to your clients in 48 hours without lifting a finger. All you need is an email address & landscape truck!




+ $89.99 / Month

Until May 8th, 2020 Landscape Ontario member will receive our early bird special of


+ $69.99 / Month*

*Monthly fee includes your online store hosting, payment processing subscription & OIB network fees. Cancel anytime.

After purchase you will receive your welcome package to fill out.

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